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Rupunzelsawake says: October 16, 2013 at four:37 pm You manage to make assumptions about what I think. I feel that we reside in some time of inspection, that Christ’s return as judge is extremely close. He is going to be trying to find Those people obedient to his commandment “to love each other as I have cherished you”. His sheep will be the ones caring for one another…even the the very least described during the illustration on the sheep as well as goats. You accuse me of tearing down. Would you say the say matter of Jesus for exposing the hypocrisy in the spiritual leaders of his day? “Be careful for that leaven with the Pharisees, that is hypocrisy” is what Jesus mentioned.(Luke twelve:1) Would you've accused the prophets like Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Other individuals of “tearing down”? They were sounding out WARNINGS!!! Did you not Be aware that from the new study of the Jeremiah guide on the meetings? Jehovah is warning us!

patrick states: Oct 22, 2013 at one:59 am It is very intriguing that you all are discussing on Michael’s commenting on this weblog,and also mine. I wish to let you know all that I realize Michael personally, I had been the a person who invited him to remark below, of which he turned down in the beginning,but as a result of my persistence he chose to arrive see points for himself.

I hardly know where to begin with what I Individually consider to be Phony teachings on the Governing Entire body. Perhaps the most major is that they avoid Those people belonging to Christ from coming to him. They block Jehovah’s holy spirit. Jehovah draws men and women to his son, not to a governing overall body of Guys. Salvation doesn't belong to Guys to offer. These Adult men say “Arrive at Jehovah’s organisation for salvation”,(this means, come to them) but Jesus Christ himself said, “I'm the way, the truth as well as the existence.

Just from interest, the number of bible scientific studies will you be conducting, and what are you currently instructing your pupils regards becoming faithful for the “kinds getting the direct”, (the GB), and about being obedient to them?

Show up at social gatherings or fund raisers sponsored by A different church. JW's simply cannot guidance 'Phony religions'

My position is always that We're ALLOWED TO Imagine. Apostasy doesn’t originate from Those people in search of to serve the true God, like most of us listed here, even when we're Mistaken inside our conclusions. We aren’t Functioning versus God when we are Doing the job to enlighten individuals about what is meant by archaic and difficult to interpret scriptures.

I’m also happy of your enthusiasm and satisfied to have you commenting right here. Despite the fact that I don’t question the sincerity of most JWs, the highway to salvation via God’s holy word was laid down by Christendom lengthy in advance of any in the Firm of Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up. Bibles and bible training were being presently getting root while in the Far East, Africa, and Hindi territories. The concept that tribes that have never heard of God are out of the blue being enlightened by JWs is absurd. You'll have a similar results as your predecessors: Original cursory curiosity accompanied by vexation and after that disinterest.

Rupunzelsawake claims: November 15, 2013 at four:eleven pm Patrick, with all because of respect you do not know what you're discussing. I demanded the elders disfellowship me consistent with organsiational policies. One of these find out informed me he didn't want to do it. A different informed me almost everything I explained made sense. When I earlier presented the elders having a letter outlining my issues they could not refute them and mentioned, “The organisation has several flaws”. They have been at a loss to “accurate” me mainly because what I mentioned was real and scriptural. A few of the items that they had no expertise about, like Malawi and Mexico. The sole rationale that they had to disfellowship me was, “We've this idea and you've got other Suggestions”. Concepts!!! That didn't say it had been since I reported anything unscriptural. Due to the fact I had a handful of distinct “ideas” I'd this choice put ahead of me, “Resign in the club or get kicked out”. That is certainly in accordance with the “club guidelines”. (These had been the particular phrases of your elder.

Such as you correctly said it is the movie that is attempting to prove a non-existent problem,but absolutely that's not what the watchtower author intended to show. In the first place Jehovah’s witnesses regard Jehovah because the true source of salvation and we look at Jesus as Jehovah’s correct channel of pop over to these guys salvation to mankind,so the video clip commences on wrong premise by asserting the Organisation is actually a barrier amongst God and the individual Jehovah’s witness. Salvation is acquired by training faith in Jehovah and Jesus without a doubt,jesus also mentioned that “having in knowledge of the accurate God plus the 1 whom he despatched ” is vital to gaining everlasting daily life,now the query continues to be,who will help educate this more information understanding,not surprisingly It'll be God’s term,but jehovah Makes use of individuals to instruct Other individuals and this folks he utilizes needs to be Possess a central common of belief. Through the movie the writer was wanting to portray the GB for a tyrant that statements monopoly around spiritual truth,but what the movie didn’t explain to us was which channel we could use to obtain this reality,undoubtedly this fact can't be thoroughly gotten from personal bible review as the situation of your Ethiopian Eunuch,it can't be gotten form Christendom which regard each other as apostate versions,so it seems the truth need to appear out from someplace and that place will have to be freed of false teachings.

I do not Individually concur with that Watchtower examine short article or with the slender perspective applied to Christian unity depending on what is clearly (no less than from my standpoint) a misapplication of 1 Corinthians 1:10-13. Nor do I blindly Adhere to the self-appointed, self-serving Gentlemen in Brooklyn who market content articles, informative post like the a single quoted from in my comments, and utilize them to indoctrinate with unhealthy, unscriptural considering and reasoning. The end final results, as you both of those know, is often devastating and destructive, ruining and occasionally ending lives. Considerably of what is currently being released in the Watchtower review articles or blog posts as well as introduced in assembly talks is outright propaganda and defaming slander to anybody who won't agree with or Stick to the “governing human body” unquestioningly. It’s about energy and Command over Other folks, and it’s disgusting, particularly when it is done inside the identify of God having a misleading, skinny veneer of Christianity layered on for appearances sake.

Because of this since 1952, the Watchtower's shunning need for customers who depart has ruined a lot of family members and shut relationships. This list of regulations is not really an official organizational doc. It was compiled by previous customers determined by you can check here practical experience and data in Watchtower publications. 141 Policies. Factors Jehovah's Witnesses Can not Do.

But another thing is needless to say – the victors normally write the history! Just take a look at WTBTS ‘historical past’ on Show at headquarters: where by is there mention with the occult genesis or the shady business enterprise dealings of the next president? That is but the idea from the iceberg.

The Feb 15, 2014 WT draws on Jeremiah’s prophecy of Individuals staying slain from just one close of the earth to another and also the birds becoming invited to take in the flesh of those people who are not ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ since the 1989 WT puts it.

I am not aware about any adjustments to this stance. The Nov 15 WT instructs readers to follow any Guidance from your organisation regardless of whether they seem impractical or unsound.

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